Tuesday, July 30, 2013

It's been a while, but Campeche is back (our blog that is).

It's been a long time since my brother or I wrote anything on this blog. There are various reasons why we stopped, but mainly we did because we didn't have time. The blog is not a money making publication, and we just let it go. However, after my recent visit to Campeche, I decided we should try and revive the blog. I hadn't been back in 6 years and I was impressed once again. The old city still looks beautiful and there are many new boutique hotels and many new quaint cafés and restaurants. There is also a big shopping mall going up just outside downtown across from the water. Modern cinemas and a Liverpool department store are the anchors. All in all, Campeche is looking more and more like our future winter home.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


A peaceful moment.

The colors and the breeze, nothing like a campechean sunset. In spring and summer when the hemisphere is closer to the sun, it creates a sensation of closeness to the sun, previous to set, you can riskfree watch the orange sphere as it emulates sinking in the water. the breeze freshens the long waterfront, any point is good one to enjoy it.

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fresh Fish every day

From early in the morning till late noon, you can purchase fresh fish at the small fish market by "La ría". weather you want sea bass, guachinango or mero, large fish or small ones, be sure that all the fish are fresh.
When you buy it, the fishermen gives you the fish without beng cleaned. on the back counters of the market many people will perform the service of removing the scales and guts for whatever tip you might want to give.
I recently went with a friend to buy some, and for cleaning 8 medium fishes we gave the old man the equivalent to two american dollars.
The prices are fair. That afternoon we enjoyed fried fish for about 2 and half american dollars each.
Each fish weighted about a kilo.
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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ciudad del Carmen

A black squirrel is fed by a shoeshine boy just in front of the colonial arquitecture cathedral in Ciudad del Carmen, an island south from Campeche city. People go by in a warm ambiance created by the climate and the structure of the parks and Cathedral.
Here traditional buildings mix with the view of modern arquitecture, Ciudad del Carmen is a city and a port. The view when crossing the bridges that connect the island with firm land, is a landscape and seascape worth living.
Ciudad del Carmen is two and a half hours from Campeche, and has become and important oil business economy for our state.
Between Campeche and Ciudad del Carmen, many tourist developments are taking place, Campeche Playa is one of the most important projects that now is being built. Campeche playa is about 30-45 minutes from Ciudad del Carmen. Soon I will have more news about this huge project that includes a Marina, and all the services a Grand Resort can offer.
See you in Ciudad del Carmen, and don´t forget to say hello to the squirrels in the central park.
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Monday, January 18, 2010


During 2009, several parts of the walking pier, waterfront where enhanced and about a mile was added to it.

From the souther part several blocks where added, enhancing the land and waterscape and waking spaces to it.
Even the restaurants decided to enhance their places and so now there is a seafood restaurant where you can enjoy the view and good food.

This time I went to visit the waterfront, or walking pier, with the idea of measuring it, the walking pier is now 4.7 miles or 7.6 kms aproximately. Is Campeche's waterfront pier now the largest in the world? To be honest I haven't been able to confirm this, However I found out that the Government is planning on keep building and enlarging it.

On the northern part of the waterfront, the enhancements end with the famous "Palapas" which are several seafood restaurants gathered together, and that have become a must visit when you are in Campeche.
On the beach, several small huts called "palapas" were built to give the fishermen a place to convey after fishing.

About half a mile an "abarcadero" a small pier was built, this was done with two things in mind, to have a place to walk and anjoy the view, symbolizing a port.

On the pier you can anjoy the view. On the seaside there are this sculpture that represent boats and give shadow from the sun when needed. on the shoreside many fisherman dock their boats.

So in other words, Campeche's land and seascapes have been enhanced.

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While "Novia del Mar" keeps waiting for her sailor to come back. Campeches is growing for better. Around October 2009 the Convention Center was re-inaugurated.
To the original building was added a bigger one, now Campeche can have International, as well as National, conventions and exhibitions of importance

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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Influenza in Campeche or Yucatan

Hi friends,

there has been a lot of commotion over this influenza threat however I have benn monitoring all news and this is what has happened so far.

In Campeche there has been no confirmed cases, one 50 years old woman was admitted into a government hospital and samples were sent to Mexico City for analysis. So far has not been confirmed.
In Yucatan there were two cases that later on were confirmed to be normal human flue.

According to all news I have read, there are no cases confirmed. However the Health Department advices to take few preventive measures.

Many of the public events that were to be held have been canceled.

Campechean Governor Jorge Carlos Hurtado Valdez told the people to have their normal lives and just keep in mind the suggested preventive measures. He said that so far it has not come necessary to close restaurants.

I will keep you posted if anything happens.

Your friend,